Wildflowers & Butterflies

Straloch is known for its wildflowers and proudly boasts three SSSIs (Sites of Special Scientific Interest) designated for heathland flora. These are carefully managed according to a strict grazing regime. We also have several wildflower conservation meadows.

June and July are particularly good months to visit when the wild orchids are in flower. Straloch is lucky enough to have four varieties of orchid: Fragrant, Small White, Heath Spotted and Northern Marsh. You will also find a wonderful range of typical heathland and wetland plants at this time of year, including the locally rare Greater Sundew which traps insects with its sticky tentacles, Intermediate Wintergreen and Autumn Gentian. Free guided walks are available during the flowering season.  

Common Rock Rose is profuse and we are an important site for the locally rare Northern Brown Argus butterfly. Other butterflies and moths include the Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Common Blue and Chimney Sweeper moth.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about your visit to Straloch or things to do in the surrounding area please do contact us.